SIRUI TSH-01B Table Top Tripod Kit
SIRUI TSH-01B Table Top Tripod Kit

An innovative accessory to support your Mobile Phone Photography,  the SIRUI TSH-01B Table Top Tripod Kit allows you to use your Mobile Phone in many unique ways.  With its high quality materials and versatility, the TSH-01B will be a trusted companion on all of your mobile photography outings.

1. Perfect for Video Conferencing and Tripod Photography, open phone holder to fit standard and plus size phones.

2. Removable Phone Holder Attaches to any head with 1/4" screw.

3. Easily used as a Table Top Tripod or a Selfie Stick.

4. The Mini Clamp has a 1/4" screw on the variable position ball head and can clamp on to anything with a diameter between 16mm-28mm.  Perfect for clamping an accessory onto a tripod leg or the handlebars of your bicycle.

  Sections: 3
  Max Dia: 15mm / 0.59inch
  Min Dia: 9.4mm / 0.37inch
  Max Hgt: 430mm / 16.9inch
  Min Hgt: 170mm / 6.7inch
  Weight: 225g / 0.50lb
  Load: 300g / 0.66lb
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