SIRUI 18mm Wideangle Mobile Phone Auxiliary Lens
SIRUI 18mm Wideangle Mobile Phone Auxiliary Lens

1. The lens is used for enlarging the view of the Mobile Phone Camera.
2. The View Angle is equivalent to about 18mm full frame when the lens attached to the iPhone 6/6S.
3. Advantage of the product:
* The lens is made of 6 elements of high accuracy German Schott glass spherical lens.
* Multi-layer of AR Coating and high accuracy construction.
* High transmitting, high resolution and low optical distortion.
* Wide angle for photography, 4K professional and high resolution image, advanced comprehensive optical performance.

  Model: 18-WA
  Product: Wide Angle Mobile Phone Auxiliary Lens
  Mount Supported: SIRUI-E Mount
  Aperture Range: Equivalent to Mobile Phone
  Focal Length: Equivalent to 18mm
  Lens Construction: 6 elements in 6 groups
  Material of Construction: Metal
  View Angle: Opposite angle 95o(with iPhone6/6S)
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