SIRUI EP-204S Multi-function Flip Leg Lock Photo/Video Monopod
SIRUI EP-204S Multi-function Flip Leg Lock Photo/Video Monopod

1. Flip leg lock design for fast setup and breakdown.

2. 3 sturdy, lightweight, fold-down feet with 2 angle positions for uneven terrain. 

3. Removable for use as a standard monopod.

4. Patented Panning Grip smoothly rotates 360o.

5. Patented base collar can lock the monopodvertically.

6. Swivel the monopod 20o in any direction.

7. Removable feet can be used as a table top tripod.

8. rugged, economical aluminum.

9. Replaceable Rubber Foot/Stainless Steel spike.
Model: EP-204S
Material: Aluminum
Sections: 4
Max Dia: 28mm/1.1inch
Min Dia: 19mm/0.7inch
Monopod Max Height.: 1600mm/63inch
Monopod Min Height: 610mm/24inch
Weight: 1.1kg/2.4lb
Load: 8kg/17.6lb
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