SIRUI Awarded the Good Standardizing Practice Certificate again

Recently, SIRUI passed the inspection of the expert group from the Standardizing Practice Association, and honored the AAA grade of Good Standardizing Practice Certificate again. It indicated that SIRUI's operation of the enterprise had been standardizing, Programmed, normalized and scientific, every standard system of the company was set reasonably and were playing a role on the production and business operation management, a standardizing information platform was set up, and all the employees have got improvement on the standardizing sense, which would promote the operation of the enterprise standardizing works effectively.

Good Standardizing Practice Certificate Enterprise is an enterprise that sets up and operates based on the subject of technology standard, including the enterprise standard system like the management standard and work standard, and gets good economic benefit and social benefit according to the requirements of the standard of Enterprise Standard System. This honor fully confirmed SIRUI on the works of enterprise standardizing, and will have active effect on improving the production management, quality management, technology innovation and competition ability of the products on the market in the future for the enterprise.