SIRUI Optical New Products Experience Meeting

This time, we redefine photography.
SIRUI Optical New Products Experience Meeting

SIRUI Optical held an unique New Products Experience Meeting in V Time Bar in Sanlitun Village in Beijing in the afternoon on 11 Oct 2016. Different to those Media Events with long-winged Speeches, SIRUI Optical combined the atmosphere of the Bar with the new products launching, not only indicating daring transition of the enterprise, but also emphasized the new idea of  "Redefining Photography".

Facing the jagged quality of the mobile phone lens market, what kind of visual surprise will be brought to us by SIRUI with their brand new 18mm mobile phone wide angle lens, 60mm portrait lens and Fisheye lens? Let's find it out.

In order to satisfy the requests of the Photographers, SIRUI Optical introduced some lenses that were specially designed for iPhone Mobile Phone, which had further broaden people's view by keeping the native image quality. Whether it's the 18mm Wide Angle Lens, 60mm Portrait Lens, or the Fisheye Lens, they were all with uncommon performance.

The lenses are with proper sizes for the mobile phone, pure black and delicate appearances, clean and transparent glass lens, low profile but highlighted.

SIRUI Mobile Phone Lenses are made with German Schott Glass. Multi-layers of lenses and coatings, ensure high light transmitting and 4K profession image level of the lenses. Their image quality and color rendition are much higher than the similar products in the market. Regarding to the problems like optical distortion, vignetting, color aberration that the industry insiders generally concern, SIRUI Optical certified their wide angle lens and portrait lens with the data and facts that the products were nearly without distortion. And the Fisheye Lens has spurned the flush "barrel distortion" in the market with its -75% reasonable distortion, which can ensure the scale of the image with coordination and let the users get a good experience of the product.

Besides, SIRUI's Mobile Phone Accessories - Mobile Phone Lens CPL, Lens Mount, Bluetooth Protection Case, Electronic Dolly, ect will further satisfy the different requests of most photographers.

18mm Mobile Phone Wide-angle Auxiliary Lens60mm Mobile Phone Portrait LensMobile Phone Fisheye Lens
Mobile Phone AppliediPhone5/5s/SE
iPhone 7
Focus LengthEquivalent Full Frame 18mmEquivalent Full Frame 60mm 
View Angle95?40?Opposite Angle about 170?
Lens Structure6 elements in 6 groups6 elements in 4 groups5 elements in 4 groups
Optical Distortion<2%<1.2%-75%
Operation Temperature-20~+50?-20~+50?-20~+50?

Furthermore, in order to let the media and guests check the specification of the products completely, the organizer added a part for New Product Experience specially. The scenes in the spot and the beautiful models let you experience the charm of the SIRUI Mobile Phone Lenses.

On the same day, the organizer announced a new marketing event - Viewer Plan. Viewer Plan is a nationwide public welfare event, it will call upon all the photographers to use their photography equipments on hand to record the views everywhere, share and spread online or offline, call on everybody to protect the nature environment and human landscape.

Just like the concept that SIRUI Optical announced on the conference - This Time, We Redefine the Photography. Photography is not only recording, but also protecting. Setting up the Public Morality with the work ethic, is an issue that everybody should try their best to do. Redefine the Photography, maybe is to find the unlimited possibility of shooting by Mobile Phone, and SIRUI Optical is just doing it.

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