‘SIRUI Industrial Design Center. /2017-07-03
Award Result for the 3rd Session of. /2017-04-25
SIRUI attending the Focus On Imagin. /2017-03-24
Innovation Conference of Zhongshan. /2017-03-09
SIRUI was honored with Two "Nationa. /2017-03-01
SIRUI attending the CP+ Camera & Ph. /2017-02-24
SIRUI awarded six Certificates of G. /2017-02-15
SIRUI Awarded "2016 Annual Fashion. /2017-02-11
Commencement Ceremony of 2017 of SI. /2017-02-05
Notice of Chinese New Year holiday /2017-01-19
SIRUI Awarded Silver Medal in 'Zhon. /2016-12-29
SIRUI Won the Title of 'Good Employ. /2016-12-29
SIRUI attending the Salon de la Pho. /2016-11-18
Preliminary Results of the First Mo. /2016-11-08
Mr Li Jie, the Chairman of SIRUI at. /2016-11-01
SIRUI Grandly held the 2016 Partner. /2016-10-20
SIRUI Optical New Products Experien. /2016-10-11
SIRUI attending Photokina Imaging 2. /2016-09-21
SIRUI Awarded the Good Standardizin. /2016-09-18
The Technology center of Guangdong. /2016-09-08
Photokina Imaging 2016 /2016-09-02
SIRUI reaps a bumper harvest of hon. /2016-06-21
SIRUI won the 9th China P&E Hualong. /2016-04-28
Fengniao Net: SIRUI's Continuous In. /2016-04-25
SIRUI was invited to attend the 201. /2016-03-23
SIRUI attending the CP+ Camera & Ph. /2016-02-26
SIRUI granted the title of "Taxpaye. /2015-06-11
P&E 2015-Exclusive Interview with S. /2015-05-06
SIRUI Wins The Gold Medal at the 8t. /2015-05-06
P&E 2015-SIRUI's Humidity Control C. /2015-05-05
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